1. Question:  Where are your parts made?
    Answer:  Our parts are hand crafted, by us,  in Virginia, from start to finish.  The components that we do not make ourselves are purchased from local shops and suppliers who do the work themselves in Virginia and Southern California.  We do not source parts from overseas, nor do we have parts made outside the USA and only assemble them here.
  2. Question: If I am just adding slip-ons, do I need to get my bike tuned?
    Answer:  The standard industry answer to this question is that if you only add slip-ons, it is not necessary to get your bike tuned or add an aftermarket tuner.   However, even though it may not be necessary when only adding slip-ons, we always do recommend getting your bike tuned when you do any type of engine modification.  There are many factors (both internal and external) that determine how well your bike run so there is really no definitive answer for everyone.  If you add a full system or air intake kit, it is almost always necessary to have the bike tuned.
  3. Question:  What is the difference in sound and performance between the Loose Cannons and the Grand Prix?
    Answer:  The Loose Cannons and Grand Prix use almost identical baffles so you will get the same sound and performance from both.  The only real difference is the way the baffles mount to the muffler body.
  4. Question:  Does the Quiet Insert for the Loose Cannons work in the Grand Prix?
    Answer:  No, the Quiet Insert only works in the Loose Cannons.
  5. Question:  Can you remove the Hex Insert from the Grand Prix end caps?
    Answer: Yes, it is easy to remove.  Just remove the 6 Hex bolts from the back of the end cap (careful not to scratch the paint).  Once they are out you can easily remove the outer end cap, lift out the Hex Insert and bolt the outer end cap back down. 
  6. Question:  Will you be adding more videos and photos?
    Answer:  Yes!  We continuously try to update our photos and videos.  Also, any videos or photos you want to send in for the website or social media would be graciously accepted.
  7. Question: There is some fiberglass coming out of the back of my pipe, is this normal?
    Answer:  Fiberglass by nature if very fibrous so any time it is cut there are some loose strands on the end.  While the fiberglass breaks in and gets settled into the muffler, these strands may come loose and blow out.  After a few rides, the fiberglass will settle in place and you should not have anymore come out.