2-1 Conversion Block Off Kit


  • Works with stock Harley head pipe or Firebrand’s Smoothbore Header
  • Eliminates crossover to create a true 2 into 1 system
  • Easy to install
  • Add Firebrand’s Loose Cannon or Grand Prix Slip-On for even more power and sound.

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Whether you are looking for the increased performance and sound you get from a 2 into 1 system, or just a new look for your bike, Firebrand’s 2-1 Conversion Kit has what you need.  Designed to fit with either the stock Harley header, or Firebrand’s Smoothbore Header, Firebrand’s 2-1 Conversion Kit blocks the crossover of your 2-2 header, creating a full 2-1 system on your Touring Bike.  Easy to install and easy to afford, the Firebrand 2-1 Conversion Kit is the easy choice when you want to turn your 2-2 system into a 2-1.

For 2017 and later Harley-Davidson Touring Models