Smoothbore Headers for 2017- Touring and Tri-Glide

Firebrand Smoothbore HeadersFirebrand Smoothbore Headers

– Firebrand Design, manufacturers of high quality, hand crafted motorcycle products, have released their new Smoothbore Headers for Milwaukee-8 equipped Harley-Davidson Touring and Tri-Glide models.  Engineered to fit under stock heatshields, the Smoothbore Header’s open collector design eliminates the congestion and allows the M-8 to breathe like it was born to. And by utilizing the stock  Harley heatshields and crossover pipe, Smoothbore Headers give all the benefits of a full header system, while retailing at hundreds less than the competition’s header systems. 

Designed to increase both airflow and decible volume, Smothbore Headers will add power and sound while reducing the heat attributed to stock headpipes.  Like all Firebrand products, Smothbore headers are manufactured in the USA and available online or through your local HardDrive supplied dealer.